Sky Lift

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sky Lift

                                       Sky Lift

Sky lift is an also known as automatic lifting machine for maintenance purposes in different sections such as municipalities works, Highways, Building Glass Cleaning & Constructions Etc.

They are being manufactured  with High Strength, Reliability, Superior Quality & Better utilization for its end use.

Technical Data

  • Code: SSL-03
  • Chassis : 2 Ton, 6 Ton, 7 Ton, 9 Ton, 12 Ton, 16 Ton Etc.
  • Size Available: 7 Mtr, 9 Mtr, 11 Mtr, 14 Mtr, 16 Mtr or Customized .
  • Sheet Material: Mild Steel (IS:2062)
  • Thickness: 3 mm (4,5,6) Etc
  • Bucket: FRP Material with Single Person or Two Person lift
  • Cylinder:   2 Nos. for Bucket Lifting & 2 Nos. for Stabilizers (Customized)
  • Hydraulic Pump: 20-80 LPM
  • Hydraulic Motor: 50-200 CC
  • Hydraulic Hoses: High Pressure Hoses
  • Power Take Off : Suitable Power Transfer Ratio from Gear box to Drive Shaft
  • Hydraulic Tank: 30-70 Ltrs capacity
  • Operating : Sky lift is operated by help of 2 Nos. Heavy Cylinder those are mounted on Heavy Booms for lifting the Bucket on certain height by help of Control Valve.
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