Dumper placer

  Dumper Placer      Dumper placer

Dumper Placer

  • Carrying Waste Material containers of different sizes.
  • It is a unique, highly productive, easy operational and low maintenance, hygienic system to help in keeping a city clean.
  • Better waste Handling Equipment vehicle in  its range of products.
  • Heavy duty cylinders to carry heavy containers safely in very less time.
  • Optimum Loading & Unloading ability through heavy duty hydraulic hoses, Pumping system and safety devices like load holding valve, pressure & safety valve etc.
  • Hydraulically arrangement for Lifting system with the help of Control lever for minimize the human efforts & time.
  • Arrangement for stabilizing of vehicle with stabilizers for better Strength & Rigidity at the same time of heavy operation.
  • Suitable for Municipalities, Building  Developments as well as Individual.

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