About US

Speed Kleen Systems is a Waste Handling Equipments Industry offering Total Mechanized Cleaning Solutions/products & Services in the field of:-

1. Cleaning & Sweeping/Moping/Dusting Equipments

2. Industrial Waste Management/Handling

3. General Waste Management/ Handling

4. Steam Cleaning

We take this opportunity to introduce our company M/s Speed Kleen Systems based at Noida, an ISO 9001:2015 Accredited, as one of the leading Manufacturer, Suppliers, and Importer of Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Machines and machines for waste management.

We are specialized in Comprehensive Integrated Solutions, to fulfill the market demand in cleaning and waste management sectors.

We manufacture Floor Cleaning machines like Three Brush Floor Scrubber, Three Phase Vacuum Cleaner, manual cleaning tools in our Noida plant under the brand name – “Adilo”.

We are one of the oldest companies working in the cleaning sector and having vast experience of 16 years serving Indian markets and Govt. sectors in India. We are specialized in our range of products, which can be easily assembled and installed at the site with very little effort.

The machines are manufactured with prevalent standard practices to have good quality. For dispatch, they can be easily containerized and packed in wooden casings as per the size of the machines.

Please write to us at speedkleennoida@gmail.com or visit Website:www.speedkleen.com

We Are Located, Where Our Customers Need Us

We have our sales and services network in the following places

1.Noida 2.Delhi 3.Haryana 4.Pune & Mumbai
5.Lucknow 6.Chennai 7.Bangalore 8.Bharuch
9.Bhopal 10.Jammu & Kashmir 11.Ahmadabad 12.Chandigarh
13.Jaipur 14.Kolkata 15.Jamshedpur 16.Dehradun

We manufacture a full range of Machines /Equipments for Dry and Wet Cleaning, Sweeping, Moping an,d Waste Management. Some of them are listed below as our standard range:

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Floor Scrubber- Cleaning, Polishing Buffing machine

Auto Scrubber- Electrical, Battery Operated and Ride on type

Wheel Trolley

Glass Cleaning Tools

Manual Cleaning Tools

Waste Management Equipments

Machines from FASA brand and STAR brand

1. Single Disk / Three Brush floor Cleaning/polishing machines.

2. Industrial wet/ dry Vacuum Cleaner (1-2-3 motors)

3. Automatic Scrubber Drier machine (Mini and Standard) electrical and battery operated and Ride-on type.

4. Road/ floor Sweeping machine (Walk behind and Ride on type)

5. High pressure water jet Cleaner.

6. Carpet Driers.

7. Upholstery Cleaner, Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner

8. Foam Generator

9. Glass Cleaning tools.

10. Manual Cleaning Equipments and tools.

Collaboration :

we also have Collaboration with an Italian Company- Lavor-wash for its “FASA” brand and a Turkey company- Star-Makina for its “STAR” brand.