Runway Sweepers

Runway Sweepers

The SRS (Speed Runway Sweeper) airport sweeper is a further development of the SRS airport sweeper, which has been a worldwide success. Safety at the airport is top priority. The high-speed Runway sweeper cleans all service and traffic areas of the airport with outstanding sweeping efficiency, so that follow-up damage caused by foreign objects is prevented. The Runway is suitable for professional use at both civil and military airports and is extremely versatile in everyday operations. It combines all important functions in one machine.

Cleaning large surfaces area

The high quality sweeping unit with the flow optimized suction port and the rotary brush has a sweeping and suction width of 2,300 mm. A debris flap is optionally available to pick up larger objects, such as beverage cans or bottles. Water and other liquids can be collected by means of the SHS suction vehicle. In order to guarantee more efficient collection of liquids, the suction nozzle can be equipped with a liquid flap. The two circular brushes have a sweeping width of up to 3,500 mm. Furthermore, the Runway can be equipped with blast nozzles. The blast nozzles conduct a strong air stream onto the traffic area, so that large surfaces are cleaned and dried in one single operation.

Collection of liquids (surface water)

The specifically developed liquid suction nozzle can be operated between the axles, at the rear end or as a quick change system at the rear end of the Runway. The quick change system allows for replacing the suction vehicle by the liquid suction nozzle in just a few minutes. The liquid suction nozzle is flexibly designed in the middle and is thus able to collect liquids from slightly inclined de-icing surfaces down to the pores.Other liquids, e.g. surface water, can even be collected up to 100%.

SRS (Speed Runway Sweeper)Technical data

Sweeping speed (km/h)


up to 40

Transit speed (km/h) up to 80
Hopper capacity (m³) 9,5
Pure suction width (mm) 2.300
Circular brush sweeping width (mm) 3.500
Water tank (l) 2.000 / 3.000