scrubber dryer machine

Scrubber Dryer Machine and Cleaning Equipments

A Scrubber dryer machine can be used for washing and drying various types of indoor flooring, it is suitable for cleaning floor types of cement, epoxy, marble, and tile, etc. It is widely used in the area of the workshop, airports, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, logistics centers. Regularly these machines are used for maintenance cleaning tasks but it can also be used to perform deep cleaning regimes or the cleaning non-abrasive, even outdoor surfaces.

The machines comes in two models: walk-behind or ride-on. It may also be ordered as battery operated with or without a cable. A scrubber dryer cleans floors and surfaces via a mechanically operated and rotating floor pads or brushes. Floor pads come in varying abrasives to suit all cleaning tasks. Cleaning is completed using a combination of water and detergent solution.

When in forward operation the machine will release the solution into the rotating brushes. The motion of the pads coupled with the detergent lifts and removes dirt from surfaces. On passing the wiper at the rear of the machine collects the left over detergent and remnants. This is stored in the recovery tank which can be emptied at the end of the cleaning system.

As mentioned above scrubber dryers come in both a walk –behind and ride-on models with a cleaning track of 35- 130 cm. While both models have pretty similar functions they are different in terms of performance, capacity and cleaning capabilities.

However both walk –behind and ride-on scrubber dryers are easy to use, low in noise levels and have safety functions, this is particularly visible across such brands as Tomcat.

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